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SIP-TO-SUIT Cards About Coffee - Standard Edition

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Ace your Coffee Game with Sip-To-Suit Cards About Coffee from Art of Caffeination

Art of Caffeination proudly presents the Standard Edition coffee cards, a deck of premium playing cards that break down coffee-making and drink recipes into informative and thoughtful infographics. They educate coffee lovers on the art and fun of specialty coffee-making and how to dial in your ideal tasting brew. The coffee cards are made from premium grade stock for durability with great “snap-back” quality, fit for rapid shuffling, and suitable for serious players and collectors alike.

Product Features:

  • 52 U.S. standard poker-size cards (2.5" x 3.5")
  • Premium, casino grade, 310gsm linen-finished, black-core paper stock
  • Unique kraft material tuck box with custom-printed interior
  • Proprietary "Brew Meters" designed to communicate brew ratios, grind sizes, temperatures, timing, and starting suggestions
  • Made in the USA

Deck Construct:

  • 2 Standard Edition cheeky Joker cards
  • 1 unit conversion reference card for volume weight and temperature
  • 1 introduction / how to card
  • 18 coffee making methods cards, all with their own unique Brew Meters
  • 18 drink formulas cards
  • 16 educational tips cards

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Amanda Stark

SIP-TO-SUIT Cards About Coffee - Standard Edition

Eka Goh

SIP-TO-SUIT Cards About Coffee - Standard Edition