A brewing idea takes steam during lockdown

The Maker

Vincent Lam is passionate about coffee.

In Spring 2020 during lockdown, Vincent saw an opportunity to turn his passion into a project. Inspired by his well-inscribed coffee journal, he combined his expertise in industrial design and his deep knowledge about coffee-making to create a deck of quick-reference playing cards. The idea was to streamline coffee brewing and drink-making by presenting ingredients and brewing parameters in simple thoughtful visual graphics.

By September 2020, together with his wife Michelle, they founded Art of Caffeination - based in San Antonio, Texas.

In March 2021, Art of Caffeination launched its first Kickstarter campaign, SIP-TO-SUIT Cards About Coffee. The project received tremendous success and was fully funded in less than 11 minutes. By August, Sip-To-Suit cards shipped out to over 2,000 coffee-loving backers! Now, they are expanding their reach beyond the campaign to share their passion for coffee-making with caffeine fans around the world. 

Kickstarter Campaign Page for Sip-To-Suit

About Art of Caffeination

Art of Caffeination applies the form-follows-function design approach to all-things-caffeinated to create useful and delightful products for all ages and interests. Sip-To-Suit Cards About Coffee is the first product release from Art of Caffeination.