Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to get in touch with Art of Caffeination directly?

A: The best way to reach out to us directly would be via email. Either info@artofcaffeination.com or vincentlam@artofcaffeination.com works.


Q: Who manufactures your cards?

A: Our card decks are manufactured by Shuffled Ink (www.shuffledink.com). The family-run business started back in 1999 in Orlando, Florida. They have a huge state of the art production facility there, and yes, it's 100% made in the USA and they are an eco-friendly manufacturer too.


Q: How environmentally friendly and sustainable are your products?

A: Great question! We at Art of Caffeination is continuously looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and doing what we can for Mother Nature.  Let us dive in a little deeper for you -

The paper card stock we use for the Standard Edition deck is wood-free and contains no formaldehyde. The manufacturer we selected only uses materials and ink that are environmentally safe. Their production facility is environmental and safety certified too in the United States, which gave us confidence that we have the right partner for the job. Furthermore, Shuffled Ink has partnered up with EcoEnclose, a eco-friendly packaging provider which all the mailers and shipping cartons they use are 100% recyclable, biodegradable.

We also care about longevity in our products, so we created the Waterproof Edition deck, using a highly durable, waterproof synthetic stock to maximize the life of the cards, making them much longer-lasting than paper-based stock. 

There are many lower cost vendors we could use overseas, but we made a conscious decision early on to only use a domestic card manufacturer to ensure we are minimizing our logistical carbon footprint.


Q: From my past experience, many waterproof cards tend to be sticky, cheap, and hard to use. What's the quality like on your waterproof cards?

A: After multiple test runs and product evaluation, we found the perfect material and finish for our Waterproof Edition deck! Our key secret sauce is the aqueous coating we use on the cards, which is a clear fast-drying water-based coating that protects the synthetic material and ink while providing a satin matte paper-like quality that prevents the cards from sticking together. This coating being water-based also means it's more environmentally friendly than the more common UV coating which can be very sticky.  


Q: Do I need to take special care with the waterproof cards?

A: No special care is needed, but we highly recommend that any coffee drips or spills on the cards are cleaned, washed immediately to avoid potential staining.  Being 100% waterproof, we just stick them in the sink, rinse in clean tap water, and then wipe dry afterwards.  


Q: Is the Standard Edition deck made for cardistry?

A: No, that wasn't our goal. Our intention was durability, so the card stock might be a hair thick for performing tricks and cardistry.  Our cards are same as what you might find in casino establishments around the world, so the cards have a touch more weight and thickness, which is great for handling, shuffling, and play.


Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing?

A: Yes we do, but you must proof that you are in business / trade. Please contact sales@artofcaffeination.com for more information.


Thank you!